Career Profile

I’m a C/C++ developer, mainly embedded and Qt/QML. I’m freelancer since 2018, before that I worked in electricity meters (firmware + R&D tools). I’m also deeply interested in all aspects of computer programming, especially Web technologies: there are multiple bridges between languages. I have also developed some Android applications, in Qt of course! Depending of the project, I can work with alternative GUI frameworks such as LVGL or ImGUI.

My key skills are:

  • Very good computer engineering culture
  • hability to mix technologies
  • software static/dynamic architecture
  • proactive, propose solutions

I can work for you! Here is my corporate website: D8S EURL


C/C++/Logic/Process Teacher

2022 - Present
SUPINFO (Computer Engineering School)

Teacher of C, C++, computer logic and processes

Freelance developer

2018 - Present
D8S EURL, Limalonges, France

Development of multiple Qt tools and software using QML or QWidgets. Helped start-ups to release their IoT device by producing good firmware.

  • ARM Cortex-M4 / Arduino / Raspberry PI expert. Sensors integration, device driver, low leveing programming
  • QT/QML: various embedded, kiosk and desktop applications for Industrial and entertainment customers

Firmware leader

Itron, Poitiers

Development of several meters based on DLMS/Cosem protocol. Firmware design (UML/C++) on microcontroller (ARM Cortex-M) and management of a team of developers. Experienced in system use cases and certification processes (MID, Cosem Test Tool, utility test tools)

Firmware developer

Enerdis - Chauvin-Arnoux Group, Paris

Development of power monitors, data loggers and process transducers. Very good knowledge of network topologies and metrology computing.

  • Metrology
  • DSP


I have multiple open source projects. Check my code:

ICL - Independant C++ library - Network, JSON, various C++ missing utility classes.
TarotClub - Tarot card game - French Tarot card game (
Open Story Teller - An Open Source story teller box for children (firmware/Qt software/electronics).

Skills & Knowledge



System programming in C Linux / drivers / Buildroot


Electronics digital/analog